It’s difficult to find time to eat lunch, let alone read a book, but Sitwell’s Bespoke is a great read and worth your time. She captures how today’s diners have a thirst for a bespoke approach to hospitality and that if not received, you will lose a potential regular guest forever. There is no ‘magic formula’ for success but in these pages Sitwell provides an armoury of tools to create distinctive and differentiated service.

Martin Williams, CEO and Founder of M Restaurants


Kamila tackles some of the hospitality industry’s most pressing issues with relevant insights, practical advices and case studies from some of its coolest brands and companies.

Chris Gamm, Editor, The Caterer


When you’ve worked in the industry, researched and reported on it for over 30 years, it’s not often that you read anything new, but Bespoke is an illuminating read shedding light on the most important developments for the Hospitality industry – a must read!

Simon Stenning, Executive Director at MCA, Eating & Drinking Out Insight


Sitwell really knows what she is talking about! I have been working in the hospitality industry for many years, but the pace of change has never been quicker than it is right now. Sitwell gathers together data and experience to provide a compelling argument for why the future must be bespoke. I’m urging all my team to read it!

Julio Marques, General Manager of London Bridge Hotel


Bespoke is an impassioned plea to the hospitality industry to take customisation seriously. But it’s not a polemic! Sitwell writes engagingly, drawing on detailed research, to explain why the need to choose is innate and that to succeed in this competitive market, we must have to satisfy this need. This book guides you through the ways in which you can offer your customers meaningful choices to help them feel valued and in control. It might cost a little more, but happy guests spend more and return!

William Simmonds, Group Operations Director at Champneys Health Resorts


Considered and engaging, Kamila is notably generous with her helpful, perceptive insights into an often misunderstood industry, providing, in case studies, smart feedback which will hopefully stop operators getting food back. I cannot think of a better overview of the present state of dining and drinking venues. If only more wannabe restaurateurs had this proof of the pudding page-turner to hand...

Douglas Blyde, columnist at Evening Standard and The Drinks Business, gastronomy advisor to brands and restaurants

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available on amazon from january 2019